Yamazakura - Affordable Japanese whisky

Yamazakura - Affordable Japanese whisky

Lots of people would love to buy affordable Japanese whisky in Australia. But whilst the whisky is (mainly) good it seems a little overpriced. 

We think Yamazakura whisky by Sasanokawa is a cheap Japanese whisky by most standards. 

Firstly there is the pure malt. Aged up to 5 years it is getting glowing reviews around the world.


Sasanokawa shuzo maker of Yamazakura whisky
At $125 (at time of writing) we believe it offers great value for an aged Japanese whisky.

But if you want a nice very affordable Japanese whisky why not try the Blended Whisky Yamazakura Black Label 700ml. At $79.90 (at time of writing) we think this is the bomb. Sure it is a world blend but the taste is still there and Sasanokawa has been making Japanese whisky since the 1940's so that is around 80 years of whisjy distilling. 

For the Blended Whisky Yamazakura Black Label 700ml we checked the web and found prices in Australia to be quite expensive for this. $130 at a very large famous Australian liquor store. (It's 89.90 from us remember). $264 from a large world on-line seller. 

So we think we have put a good price on it. So please, tell your friends and work mates, if you want to buy Japanese whisky in Australia, come here first.


Buy it here 


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