Baeren Beer - Beers from the far north of Japan brewed in traditional German ways

Baeren beer has returned. We have five new products to try.
Baeren Brewery is located in Kitayama area, Morioka city in Iwate prefecture."Baeren" is the German word for "bear." The bear on the logo represents the natural wealth of Iwate Prefecture as well as the strength of the beer-brewing artisans. The bear's shield depicts a beer barrel with three tools traditionally used by European brewers, symbolising BAEREN's dedication to traditional brewing techniques.

Here is a range of newly arrived Baeren Beer
for you to sample­
Baeren Schwarz is a 5.5% schwarz beer produced by Baeren Beer in Iwate, Japan. It's brewed in a traditional south German style with a lot
of black malt.

Baeren Schwarz 330ml
"Mai" is the German word for "May." This opulent beer heralds the arrival of spring in Germany. Bock, a beer style with a rich and deep flavour, has a reputation in Germany for being a highly nutritious beverage. They lager this traditional German beer for a much longer period of time and revive it using our 100-year-old brewing equipment, which is not found anywhere else in Japan. It pairs particularly well with white asparagus.

Baeren Maibrok 330ml

Traditional Czech pilsner made with the fine aroma Saaz hop. To pay homage to the traditional European beer brewing method, they use an open fermenter to make the liquid more appealing and to reduce stress on the sensitive beer yeast. The great aftertaste is made possible by the refreshing taste and fresh hop flavour.

Baeren Traditional Golden Pilsner 350ml

German-style red lager made with Japanese high-quality water and Germany's best red malt. There are no additives or colorings in this product. You can taste the rich malty flavour and admire the stunning red colour in your glass.

Baeren Innovation Red Lager 350ml

The new Japanese type of fruit lager is finally born after four rounds of testing. You can detect citrous notes derived from the unique and traditional Japanese fruit, Kabosu. They also use a special brewing technique called "Dry Hopping," in which they use three times as much hop as they do in their regular lineups. Take pleasure in the mild sourness and refreshing flavour.

Baeren Japanese citrus lager 350ml

Doppo Beer is a new addition to our beer lineup
Miyashita Brewery in Okayama, Japan, produces Doppo Black Beer for Unagi, a 5% Schwarzbier. It's part of their year-round beer lineup. Doppo Black Beer for Unagi, as the name implies, was brewed to be consumed with Unagi - not the karate skill from Friends, but the grilled eel thought to boost stamina in Japan during the hot summer months.

Doppo Eel Beer 330ml

Okayama Craft Gin is back

Okayama craft gin is Japan's only barrel aged gin (giving it a slight divine smokey fragrance) and uses botanicals unique to the Okayama region of Japan, namely it's famous 'Momo' white peach. Also uses coriander. Made from a shochu rice base. These factors make it softer and
sweeter than others.

Okayama Craft Gin 500ml

Tentaka Junmai Daiginjo Kokoro

Tentaka Shuzo, Co., Ltd is certified as an organic brewery by Japan, the United States, and European Union. It is one of only 4 in Japan.

Tentaka Junmai Daiginjo Kokoro is made from organic rice that has been blessed by the sun and the motherland, and its soul will not be lost even after many brewing processes. The brewery follows a strict organic Nihonshu brewing process and carefully selects the machines, substances, and even broom materials.Take a sip of the organic sake Tentaka and enjoy the sweetness and flavour of the rice.

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