Celebrate Easter with Sake

Here are some of our choices to celebrate Easter. Have with a platter of sushi or your favourite takeaway Japanese cuisine. 

Gozenshu Yumemakura Junmai umeshu 500ml

Limited in quantity this is a unique offering from Okayama using a sake base made using the ancient bodaimoto process.

Okayama ekiben (railway station bento)

Imada White Koji Junmai "Seafood Blue" 720ml

Easter is the time we traditionally eat copious amounts of seafood. This special sake from well known sake toji Miho Imada is made specifically to match seafood. Enjoy with your oysters or prawns.

Imada shuzo in Hiroshima. Note how clean the floor is.

Very Limited Stock only 8 bottles left

Koshu Yamabuki 20 YO 720ml

If you’re tired of Japanese whisky and are looking for something that’s aged and fortified please consider the Yamabuki Koshu from Akita. Kuramoto Sasaki san has fortified this to a not over the top 20% and uses 20 year old aged sake to produce a aromatic mellow and rounded tipple that goes down smoothly but won’t burn your throat. It’s not cheap but it is good.

The mountain ranges of Akita

Kojika Benitombo 720ml

­ Our latest shochu from Kagoshima. At a recent shochu tasting we tasted this and came to the conclusion that it was the best of our range to be served with hot water (40-60 hot water to shochu). Made with sweet potatoes.

Head brewer of Kojika Shuzo in Kagoshima

Niida Honke Odayaka Junmai Ginjo Omachi 720ml

Omachi rice is a trickster. Hard to work with, often inconsistent. It reminds us of a 70’s Australian muscle car. Hard to get going but you’re always glad when it does and you will remember it long after you have finished driving the safe every day ordinary car that you do today. This is brewed by famous boutique organic shuzo Niida Honke from Tohoku region. Amazing taste. Low production. 

Award winning sake at Niida Honke

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