Cheap house sake

Cheap house hot sake

I’ve got a complaint to make. And it goes like this. I have had enough of restaurants selling cheap awful hot sake and calling it 'house sake'. I see it all the time. There are some very very cheap sake out there. Sake we couldn't dream to compete with on price in a million years. 


This is one of the main reasons why and we try to wear to avoid hot sake because 90% of the time if you order a hot house sake you’re gonna get something really terrible. Yes 90% of the time.

Now there are some that would accuse us of hating all hot 'o-kan' sake and some that say hot sake is very traditional and it should be enjoyed frequently and it is even better than many of the cold sake out there. We disagree.

Let's put it in perspective. It would be similar to going to a modern Australian restaurant and having the cheapest nastiest mass produced cask wine as their house wine. You never see it. So why is it so common for sake?

1) People don't know what a bad sake tastes like because they haven't had any good ones. And this is why people don't like sake. How many times have we heard someone say "oh I don’t like sake because I had it along time ago and it tasted terrible and I got a headache after the next day. So I don’t like sake thank you very much." The reason is because you had a futsushu grade sake which needs to be hot to be even drinkable. No wonder you didn't like it.

2) If you want to have a good sake we highly recommend asking for a cold one and if you can remember one word let it be "junmai" (pure). This will get you (usually) a higher grade sake devoid of any added chemicals. 

3) Ask your sommelier / go to a restaurant that *has* a sake somm or at least someone who knows about sake.

There's so much more to say on this subject. Hot sake. Cold sake. We will post again. But just remember. If you want to buy sake in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or anywhere in Australia, come here to us. We will sell you the best sake from all over Japan.

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