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Whilst it’s true that most shochu is cheap and strong tasting for the salarymen to drink way into the night there exist a class of shochu that are quite elegant and refined. There are also some unusual shochu out there. Here we examine a few that we bring in from Japan.

Ao tonbo from Kojika

Limited stock

Kojika Ao tonbo (dragonfly) Shochu 720ml

This we used to great effect at a celebrity LA urbanware fashion launch. The LA firm specifically requested shochu and this fit the bill and was very well received. The serving style was large open ended glasses with lots of crushed ice and water. As shochu is 25% this dilutes it into a drink that will last longer.

Masumi ‘Sumi’ Shochu

Limited stock

Masumi Sumi 25 Shochu 1800ml

A rare shochu distilled from Masumi sake lees and mixed with spring water from the Japan Alps. Kasutori Shochu.
Available only in 1.8L bottle.

Limited stock

Gozenshu Shochu Oisa 720ml

“Oisa” means “hooray!” Or “yeahhhhh”. It is like a war chant. At the annual matsuri in Katsuyama where Gozenshu sake is made they have street ‘battles’ with battering rams on wheels manned by different sections of the town. All the people chant “Oisa! Oisa!” It is definitely a site that you will never forget. Anyway they named this shot you after that battlecry.

It is mugi (Barley) made and very light to the taste.

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