Holiday Season Sake

Sake is a great to relax over the holiday break. Have a look at some of these and consider gifting yourself for your good work over the year.

(At this point we cannot guarantee Christmas deliveries. But if you order today there is 15 days to Christmas and 21 days to New Year.)

Sake in a traditional wooden box is a beautiful gift for the person who appreciates the finer things in life.
(We also have normal non wooden gift boxes).­
IWC Award winning show sake (Katamagi Ginjo Daiginjo Trophy 2014).
This Daiginjo has small amount of makers alcohol added 8 hours before moromi is pressed so as to more fully dissolve the mx and produce a full flavoured with subtle aroma nihonshu. Stronger alcohol content at 17% vs the more normal 15%. The flavour is unique and has to be tasted to be appreciated. One of the flagships of the Taiheizan stable.
Limited stock available.

Taiheizan Juhonen Daiginjo 720ml

The most dry of our plum wines. Ideal for a gift for that special person. Not only does it taste delicious but the packaging is beautiful and well suited
as a present.

Single distillation based plum wine using Japanese green plums and using the imo (sweet potato) shochu from arguably the best region in Japan (Kagoshima). Mellow with a long finish. Serve on ice or with soda.
Kojika Umeshu (Plum Wine) 720ml
Niida-Honke Brewery 1711 creates sustainable organic sake using materials 7 locally sourced ingredients. Smooth and sweet, Kijoshu sake is a luxurious sake, in the final stage is brewed with sake from the previous year instead of water. Suitable for ageing in controlled environments.

Niida Honke Kijoshu 2021 720ml
The uniqueness of Taiheizan sake is in its deep umami taste with a sharp finish. It is a characteristic of a special brewing method known as the Akita Kimoto Method‚ which was developed and nurtured by brewers in the Kodama Brewery. This Akita version of the traditional pole-rammed kimoto method, tailored for the cold Akita climate, creates a strong moto (yeast starter) to do its magical work before the main fermentation.
Taiheizan Kimoto Junmai 720ml

Delicate and mellow fragrance and refreshing texture and rich ginjoko. Suitable dishes: Sashimi of white fish such as hiramasa, snapper, light otsumami, seared duck breast, lean tataki of beef.

­Sekaiitto Daiginjo Gokusen Minakata (In Box) 720ml

Premium Senkin sake is a delight. Aromas of grape, white flower, nectarine.
A heady experience.

Senkin Kamosu 720ml

Senkin, established 1806, means ‚crane serving God‚. Rice sourced, grown and brewed with water from local surrounds, they are totally committed to Domaine‚ style of production. 100% natural. Multi award winning producer.
Senkin Urara 720ml

100% natural. Multi award winning producer.
Senkin Issei 720ml

Strong fragrance, scent of melon and pineapple is the center, scent of lily flowers, freshly cooked rice, slight salt candy is added.
mild acidity that melts into the deep first impression is well-balanced, overall finish is comfortable and long.
transparent silver gray color tone.
Tsurimi Junmai Daiginjo Gazan 720ml

Awarded the Gold & People's choice award at the Australian
Sake Association 2022 Awards held in Sydney.

Scent: fruits like green apples, scent of lotus flowers, freshly made rice cakes.
Taste: With a mellow attack, you can feel a slight refined acidity. Suitable dishes: Sashimi of white fish such as hiramasa, snapper.

Tsurimi Daiginjo Gazan 720ml

This refreshing sipper is brewed in the Wakayama prefecture's Ryujin village, which is world renowned for producing this style of sake. A premium citron sake delicately infused with Yuzu juice to create a natural sweet and sour citrous flavour. It's refreshing and crisp, and it's best served as an aperitif in
a glass with ice.
Sekaiitto Wakanomegumi Premium Yuzushu (CITRON) 720ml

Wakayama is famous throughout Japan for its peaches. Have it highball style with soda, on the rocks or use in cocktails. Low alcohol drink. Great apertif for most Japanese cuisine types.
Sekaiitto Wakanomegumi Momoyamano Momosake 720ml

A little extravagant apricot liqueur made with ripe apricot pulp.
It features a smooth mouthfeel and a fruity aroma.
Kirin Anzu Apricot キリン にごり杏露酒. 720ml

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Glass Sake Carafe 350ml
Smiley face sake cup­
Sake Tokkuri - Small Sake Pot

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2022 has gone so quick. Thank you very much for your patronage and support of SuperSake. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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