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Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery takes it a step further, with it's sake-making. It's a quest for an unknown flavour that goes beyond the evaluation of sake's taste alone. While carrying on the roots of Japanese sake, they will never stop looking for a break-through into an unknown sphere of flavour by aged sake, a type of sake containing 'umami' that no one else can imitate.

New Arrivals

Aged in Oak or Chestnut. A blend of 10-year-old sake and 18-year-old sake. This exciting new product is fortified and aged in wood. It uses a blend of different aged sake.

We sampled this recently in Akita with Sasaki san and are very excited about it. If you didn’t say so before someone tasting would not know it was made from sake. It reminds us more of a super premium sherry. Drink in a brandy balloon. Good for those aged whisky drinkers who are after something a bit different.
Kinmon Yamabuki Oak Aged 500ml

Kinmon Yamabuki Chestnut Aged 500ml

Daiginjo 2004 18YO Koshu.
Kinmon Daiginjo 2004 18YO Koshu 720ml

A blend of 10-year-old sake and 20-year-old sake.

Kinmon Platinum Yamabuki 720ml

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This plum liqueur is made by infusing the finest Japanese plums into a sake that has been aged for 10 years exhibiting complex aromas and honey characters. Made with only the best Nanko Ume which are special in the sense that sourness and sweetness are both high and well balanced.

Kinmon Shizuku Silver Aged Umeshu Plum Wine ( 10 year old) 720ml

Red rice and rice malt bring out a subtle sweetness and adds a rosy colour. Has a natural but subdued sweetness to it. Sasaki san, the shacho of Kinmon, is respectfully known in Akita as 'King of Koshu' and his sake and plum wine are renown throughout the world.

Available in 300ml or 720ml bottle

Kinmon X3 Rose 300ml
Kinmon X3 Rose 720ml­

Sweet plum liqueur made by infusing the finest Japanese plums (100% Nanko Ume) into a sake that has been aged for 12 years.

Kinmon Shizuku Gold Special Aged Plum Wine 720ml

"Yamabuki Gold" Finely Aged Vintage Sake is made over long aging periods, using 12 year old sake as a base, blending other aged sakes ranging up to 20 year old in the unique cold temperature conditions of Akita.
Kinmon Yamabuki Gold Koshu (Vintage 2005) 720ml

Ultra high quality IWC multi award winning koshu based plum wine, this is exported around the world, even to Spain where it's popular amongst lovers of Sherry. Award winning at IWC. Extremely limited quantity.

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