Kinmon Sake

"With so many sakes in the world, what are the unique characteristic of sake?

It is in "umami". We, Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery, have been devoting ourselves to sake brewing that can only be achieved in this area while training the taste of
sake .” 
Kuramotono Sasaki - Head of Kinmon Kosyu Shuzo, Akita.

Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery

The icy north. That is the most accurate description of Akita. Akita, located on the chilly Sea of Japan, consumes more nihonshu than any other prefecture in Japan. Many people claim that their sake is the best. 

So we were overjoyed when we discovered one of the best producers in the area. Sasaki san was described to me by one of the top sake makers in Akita as
'king of koshu'.

Do you want to learn more about the brewery?
View the video below.

Koshu (Aged Sake)

Koshu is specially (and purposefully) aged sake. When done properly it gives it a rich deep toasty caramel flavour. Kinmon’s ‘Yamabuki’ is such a sake. And when you use it to make plum wine it’s divine. Kinmon also makes an enchanting
red rice nihonshu.

Kinmon Daiginjo 2004 18YO Koshu 720ml
Kinmon Platinum Yamabuki 720ml
Kinmon Shizuku Silver Aged Umeshu Plum Wine ( 10 year old) 720ml
Kinmon Yamabuki Gold Koshu (Vintage 2005) 720ml
Koshu Yamabuki 20 YO 720ml


Using specially cracked red rice and with three separate applications of koji (hence the ‘X3’) the X3 Rosé is one of our favourites with a unique flavour and it recently picked up an award in the London International Wine Challenge (IWC).

Kinmon X3 Rose 300ml
Kinmon X3 Rose 720ml

 Umeshizuku premium plum wine

Their flagship is the Umeshizuku premium plum wine which is more like an expensive Spanish sherry. In fact, they sell well in Spain.

Kinmon Ume shizuku Premium 720ml

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