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The Shibata Brewery was founded in the late Edo period of 1830, in Shimoyama village of the former Nukata district of Aichi prefecture. The Shibata family was the landowner and the headman of the village at the time, and it all began with producing and selling sake made from surplus rice.

The summers are cool and the winters can be extremely cold. Located in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, our brewery is surrounded by pristine nature and clean air. The outstanding climate and environment of our local area produces pure and unspoiled groundwater. Since 1830, the pure, soft local spring water known as Kanzui (Water of the Gods), has been used in all of our brewing processes. We start by carefully selecting rice grown only in rich, natural environments, which is then meticulously polished to suit the flavour of the specific Sake we wish to create.

This unique tasting yuzu drink is made by using organic local fruits. The label features a picture of their young daughter and will change in the coming years as they get older.

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Kounotsukasa Yuzushu

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