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Our New Shipment from Japan Has Arrived!

New products from Eiko and Gozenshu have just hit our shelves and you don't want to miss out on these sakes!


It is said that famous sake has famous water.

At Glory Sake Brewery, they use the famous water of " Yukebuchi " from the Takanawa Mountains for sake brewing. The famous water boasts the ideal ingredient content as the water used to prepare sake.


Btsutyuu Mori Maiko Tsuji is working hard with young brewers every day to pursue "smoothness" while inheriting the taste of Maemori "rich and crisp sake".

The raw materials for sake are "rice, rice jiuqu, and water." At Gozen Sake Brewery, they are particular about local rice, and they select, polish, and brew rice that is suitable for sake brewing, such as Okayama Prefecture's Omachi and Yamada Nishiki.

The water used is the underground water of the first-class river "Asahikawa" that flows alongside the warehouse.

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Laugh with Sake
720ml $59.00

Eiko shuzo from Matsuyama, Ehime is our go to producer for yuzushu and umeshu. But did you know they also make sake? And pretty good sake at that.

This year their ‘Laugh with Sake’ was a platinum award winner in the 2020 London Sake Challenge, no mean feat.

Also some of their sake we imported was show grade ‘daiginjo’ (not Junmai) – it has a small amount of jozo alcohol added to lighten the body and make the aroma more gentle. We are pleased to add these to our list.

Only available in WA and limited in quantity.

​Nigori "Kurasake"
720ml $28.30


Nigori is a sake that has been coarsely filtered, and kura is the brewery (sometimes called shuzo).

This nigori is one of the 'thicker' types. It is not an 'usu-nigori'. Would go well with desserts. A panacotta springs to mind.

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