Masumi is famous for many things

Masumi. Birthplace of Yeast No. 7.

In 1946 after sweeping the nation’s top sake awards across the board investigators found the presence of a new previously undetected strain of kobo (yeast) which was designated “Number 7”. 
“Brewing Association Yeast Number Seven” soon became the favorite of brewers across the nation and remains even today the most widely used sake yeast in the world, forever cementing Masumi Brewery's legacy as one of the most important sake producers in Japan. 

* For people ordering Masumi and including Tsukikoshi we ask that you make a separate order for the Tsukikoshi and choose Express freight (as this is a Nama product). Then for the rest of your order choose normal. If the total is over $150 the freight is free. (Tsukikoshi is not counted in this (apologies)). Tsukikoshi is extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations and must be sent Express.

Here is a range of newly arrived Masumi sake 
for you to sample

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(Masumi Shiro 720ml)

Masumi SHIRO (White) 白妙 Junmai Ginjo
SHIRO (White) is our “session sake,” light enough to enjoy all night. Mild aromas of banana and apple lead into a palate that is gently sweet and brightened by acidity and lingering savoury umami.

Masumi Sanka (Mountain Flowers) Junmai Daiginjo

Sanka (Mountain Flowers) is as fresh as an alpine meadow in the spring. Mild fruit aromas and savoury flavours make it the perfect daiginjo to
pair with food.

Masumi Sparkling Origarami

Perfect for casual gatherings, Origarami is a new type of lightly cloudy, naturally sparkling sake offered in limited quantities.

Returning products
Masumi KURO black 漆黒 Junmai Ginjo
KURO (Black) is named for the lustrous black finish of Japanese lacquerware.

Masumi KAYA brown 茅色 Junmai
KAYA (Brown) is named for the brown and gold color of rice fields during the autumn harvest.

Masumi AKA red 真朱 Junmai Ginjo
AKA is named for the vermillion colour of official stamps used throughout Asia from antiquity. AKA is bright on the surface yet deep, brewed as a yamahai for complexity, with subtle fruit and dairy aromas and a refreshing acidity underpinned by savoury umami.


Masumi Tsukikoshi Junmai Ginjo

Tsukikoshi revives an ancient and little-known technique for filtering the mash that protects the sake from oxidation and preserves its natural effervescence. The result is a vibrantly fresh and aromatic sake that still has the nose-tickling fizziness of the CO2 gas produced during fermentation.

Stock up for summer with Masumi ’Suzumi’ 
’Summer Breeze' summer sake.

Suzumi Sake has a bright acidity that highlights the freshness of summer food. It is brewed with rarely used white koji to create a bright citric acidity that pairs perfectly with summer fare like raw fish and shellfish, green salads with citrus accents, and grills of fish & fowls to pork & beef.

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Masumi Suzumi Sake's

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