Minimum order. $99 minimum.

This weekend we are lowering the minimum for free shipping from $150 to $99 Does not Include Express post

That’s enough for your favourite bottle of Sake, an Umeshu or Yuzushu and a craft Beer or couple of 1-cups. 

Here are some possible purchases that are under $100

1. Senkin Yukidaruma (Snowman Nigori) 720ml - Perth pickup only or Express Post

2. Hourai Irootoko Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

Check out these products as well

 1. Koshigoi Yuzushu (Yuzu Party) 720ml

2. Kojika Plum Wine 720ml

3. Yamaguchi Yuzu beer

4. Koshino kanchubai / Junmai-TG cup 180ml




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