Miyashita Okayama Craft Gin arriving soon

Miyashita Okayama Craft Gin arriving 25th June

Miyashita Shuzo in Okayama makes one of the best Craft Gins in Japan. 

Using local botanicals such  as white peach for which Okayama is famous for, it also uses other Japanese botanicals and some not, such as Coriander.
This is what another publication says says.

"The Okayama sake brewery has been in business for over century. Now, in the wake of the Japanese gin revolution, they have ventured into gin-making, with this wonderful Okayama Craft gin release. The rice shochu base used is softer and a bit sweeter than most gin bases, and the rarely-used botanicals, including Japanese peach, make this gin quite unique. What’s more, it has been aged in oak barrels, giving it its smoky fragrance and golden colour. Some of the best and most experimental gin Japan has to offer!"


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