New shipment arrived in April 2020

New April Shipment

We received a new shipment of sake into Perth this April. A lot of exciting new products. Here are some.


Yamaguchi beer's back. All your old favourites and a new one made from Yamadanishiki rice, the best rice for making sake out of.

Yamaguchi Pale Ale Beer, Yamaguchi Weizen, Yamaguchi Pilsner Beer, Yamaguchi Yuzu Beer, Yamaguchi Yamadanishiki Beer. 

Other sake.


Junmai Ginjo Akechi Mitsuhide
'W Yamadansiki Junmai Daiginjo
'W Gouriki Junmai Daiginjo
'W 'Hida Homare Junmai Daiginjo

Niigata Meijo

A line of small 300ml sakes so you can sample a different range, plus their 'Yuyu' plum wine. 


Kounotsukasa's back with this time their two kajitsu shu range, Mikan and Yuzu, named afterr Yuki's (the kura kuramotono) two daughters.


Back with their great shochus and a new yuzushu.


We now have stocks of the famous and much loved Yukidaruma (Snowman Nigori) which is nama and junmai daiginjo grade. This must be bought from the store as it doesn't travel well. But it more than makes up for it in taste. 


We have ample stock now of their two whiskies. One of them though a blend is great tasting and now we finally have an affordable Japanese whisky in Australia. One that doesn't taste terrible like some we are hearing about. Caveat Emptor. 


An exciting new limited release of two styles that differ based on the polishing technique. This is worth a blog of its own and we shall release one later. Also the famous Imada Seaside Sparkling has arrived in Perth and will be enjoyed by all we are sure.


Although famous for their shochu mainly, Kojika release an exquisite plume wine / umeshu, made from (we assume) imo shochu. The packaging is beautiful and it makes for a great gift.

Umeshu from Kojika

We could go on and on but the best thing is to browse on-line or come into the store and have a look around. Just keep your social distancing please. And don't forget, when you want to buy sake online or in Perth shop, please don't hesitate to come to us.

All the best and 'Kanpai'. 

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