New Style Sake

Sasaki san from Kinmon has developed a new style of sake with the aim of competing with premium Japanese whiskies. Aged from 10-30 years (we only have the 10 & 20 YO) it is fortified and brewed to 20% ABV. And aged for 20 years under natural conditions. The temperature is allowed to fluctuate slightly which uses natural cold differentials in the tank to promote circulation and ‘stress’ the sake ever so slightly. This is what they believe. Being in the snowy regions of inner Akita (Daisen) it is mostly cold anyway which preserves the taste, but the aging promotes a unique delicious flavour to it and makes it unique. Also being 20% ABV rather than 42-50% as in whisky it allows this unctuous drop to be savoured longer and the taste is softer than whisky.

Fans of the X3 Rose and X3 Junmai can rejoice. Stocks have finally arrived. Also the plum wine Yamabuki Gold has returned after a long hiatus. It is similar to the Silver except a bit more aged and expensive but with the world awarded taste. We have received stocks of Umeshizuku ‘1995’ umeshu but only 12 bottles. It makes a lovely gift.




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