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Niida Honke Brewery in Fukushima

Large sake barrels at Niida Honke's entrance depicting the characters of the 
brewery's flagship label Shizenshu. Photo by

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Niida-san is the 18th generation owner of this Fukushima-based family brewery; he is a very personable, charismatic man who is sincere and comes across brilliantly. Niida Honke has seen a lot of changes. In 2011, the brewery celebrated its 300th anniversary and the achievement of brewing with 100% natural rice.

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113 Project Short Film Series: Sake Industry, Niida Honke Brewery in Fukushima from Tohoku Tomo on Vimeo.


Each generation of Niida family has letter of “穏 (Odayaka)” in his first name. It’s not “勝 (victory)”, “富 (wealth)”, “賢 (intelligence)” but “穏 (calmness)”. Wishing peaceful days, we make sake named “穏 (odayaka)”. Wishing others well
make yourself peaceful.

Rice: Non-fertilization / pesticide-free (Chiyonishiki, Miyamanishiki, Gohyakumangoku, Yamadanishiki, Omachi) Mother water: spring water from our own mountain (low-mineral / soft), Shizenha shiro koji (white rice malt) shubo shikomi.

Niida Honke Kinpo Odayaka Junmai Ginjo (Green Frog) 720ml
Niida Honke Kinpo Odayaka Junmai Ginjo (Green Frog) 1800ml

 Kijoshu 2021 

Niida-Honke Brewery 1711 creates sustainable organic sake using materials 7 locally sourced ingredients. Smooth and sweet, Kijoshu sake is a luxurious sake, in the final stage is brewed with sake from the previous year instead of water. Suitable forageing in controlled environments.

Niida Honke Kijoshu 2021 720ml 

Sake is good for your health

 This is something we believe in since the start of our business. A reliable products. Sake with the spirit of the rice intact. Non-fertilization and pesticide-free Shizenmai rice. Mountain spring water and local well water. Sake yeast made with Shizenmai. These are the only ingredients for all Niida-honke sake products. Sake making is synchronized with the rhythm of nature.

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