Our Most Popular Plum-Wine

In the sunny climes of Japan’s fourth island in the prefecture of Ehime is the shuzo of Eikoh. As you move down south in Japan the influence of shochu grows stronger and stronger. And the kajitsushu (fruit based liquors) have a shochu rather than sake (nihonshu) base. The flavour can be stronger.

This new shipment brings a new product, the Eiko Kuramotono Yuzushu. Enjoyed in most restaurants (remember them?) in a small wine glass with three cubes of ice, we prefer to have them in a high ball glass with three fingers of yuzushu, three ice cubes and topped up with mineral or soda water.

Their plum wine is one of our most popular ones and scores well when we have tastings at the shop with customers. The price is very attractive.

If you are a shochu drinker, then these two will appeal to you if you either like a medium smokey flavour (Hadaka) or a slightly bitter strong chestnut flavour (Okuri Okura) being made from chestnuts.



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