Our version of Limoncello!

Gozenshu Yumemakura Junmai Umeshu is a plum wine we’d like to feature this week. Coming from the southern region of Japan (Okayama) it has a stronger flavour than most. Also with a strong flavour is their yuzushu which reminds us of an Italian limoncello. Very good for serving in a small wine glass with some ice cubes. Not the best as a high ball with soda we think. It deserves to be the hero in a well designed cocktail (which it is in many of the top bars in Melbourne).

The Gozenshu Bodaimoto Nigori Hiire is something completely different. A favourite of many it is best served cold at around 5°C. It is made with the ancient Bodiamoto process pioneered by Bhuddhist monks. This process gives it a very slight sour edge to cut the sweetness. The ‘usu’ part of the Nigori means that although a Nigori sake (unfiltered) it is not as think as a usual Nigori and hence easier the drink. A real flavourful unpretentious sake if we ever saw one and well worth a try.




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