Pint Size Pleasures!

Well, maybe not pint sized, but these little fellas are beautiful to sample at 300ml each.

Buy them all and have fun comparing them. And with these great prices it is not going to break the bank.

Some say Niigata produces the best sake in Japan due to massive snowfalls (30m+/year) which provides very pure water for growing rice & brewing sake plus the extreme temperatures ensure purification from contaminants that adversely affect.

  1. Medaka no Yado Junmai Ginjo is a new style of ‘low alcohol’ sake, 12%, comparing to most sake is which is 15%. Polished to ginjo specifications it is plump and fruity.
  2. Koshino Kanchubai Noujun Umakuchi is a typical light Niigata style sake made with native Gohyakumangoku rice.
  3. The Gold Label Niigata Meijo Junmai Ginjo has a strong following because of its taste and now it’s available in Australia in the 300ml size.

We also have Koshino Kanchubai Noujun Umakuchi which is very attractively priced (~ $25.50 for 720ml and $55 from 1.8L) and are light and dry and suit drinking either warmed or at a cool 5°C.

And to cap it off we are introducing a new plum wine from them, the ‘yuyu’ (enjoyable, fun, happy, cheerful) is both delicious and of course, well priced.




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