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Senkin Kamosu

720ml $402.00

Premium Senkin sake is a delight. Aromas of grape, white flower, nectarine.

The three varietals are Yamada Nishiki (polished to 7%), Kame no O (polished to 35%) and Omachi (polished to 40%).

These are fermented separately and brewed and then at the end blended (much as you would a wine) under the expert tasting of the Usui brothers. Using the ‘Domaine’ method, everything is gathered from local surroundings (5 minutes from the brewery by car).

Food pairing suggestions would be uni (sea urchin roe), salmon sautéed in butter with a touch of teriyaki added at the end, miso and sake kasu marinated Patagonian toothfish.

Awarded first place in Japan’s 2018 Sake competition.

Senkin Urara
720ml $213.25

Only 1,000 of these are made every year. It uses the highest form of filtration from the moromi called ‘shizuku’ (literally ‘tears’) whereby the sake is filtered using a cloth bag where it gradually drips through (as opposed to the pressure exerted by the almost ubiquitous Yabuta machine). Instead of one pressing a day it can take a week for one ‘dripping’.

The rice polishing ratio is a very extreme 17%. With an SMV of 0 and an acidity of 1.6 this is not a dry sake. Rich not yet ripe stone fruit and an alive vibrant palate make this a must buy for those who can opt for it.

Senkin Issesi
720ml $109.94

Using the king of sake rice Yamadanishiki milled to 35% has ripe peach, green apple, and rockmelon flavours, the sweetness is balanced but it is evident. The heady aroma is restrained and dignified.

We would recommend with Peking duck and crepes, O-toto sushi, otsumami of quality and ebi or unagi nigiri.

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