Sake Festival (Matsuri) - what is it and how do they work?

What is a Sake Festival and how does it work?

Last year SuperSake held 3 sake festivals on the grounds of Tsunami Sushi Bar in Mosman Park. People came from all over to sample over 50 different types of sake and many bought lots of bottles to take home on the day.

What do I do?

What you do is buy a bracelet for $15 at the front entrance. (If you want to buy one before the festival you can and it lets you 'jump the queue'). With each bracelet you have 10 'tabs'. Yu go up to a counter that might be for instance selling 'Gozenshu' sake and have a look at the bottles. You may decide you want to try a Gozenshu Mimasaka. So you say "I'll have one of those please" and you pull of a tab and give it to the person behind the counter. They will then pour you a 20ml shot into your sake cup. Oh, did we mention the sake cup? Yes, with your bracelet you get a ceramic sake cup to taste sakes and as a momento of the event.Sake stalls

 This year we will be adding Japanese whisky and some pretty serious junmai daiginjo's to the festival. These might require 2 tabs. But with 10 tabs (you can always buy another) it won't be a problem. We don't know of a festival like this in all of Australia where if you want to buy sake you can have a taste and buy it. 

Sake tasting station


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