Sake Matsuri Melbourne

Sake Matsuri Melbourne

Sake Matsuri Melbourne

Buying the sakes

Now that the Sake Matsuri in Melbourne is over there may be some sake that you tasted at the SuperSake and Hourai tables that you want to buy but perhaps you didn't want to carry too much home or perhaps we sold out. So here is a summary of (most of) what we had at the sake matsuri and where you can buy the sakes on our web site.  

Cody Brailsford Hourai


Gozenshu 9 Regular (Bodaimoto)

Gozenshu Bodaimoto Nigori Hiire

Organic Junmai Tentaka

Classic Senkin Muku

Hourai Hida No Tanbo Junmai

Hourai Kaden Tezukuri Junmai Ginjo

Hourai Hatsugumi Junmai Ginjo

Hourai Irootoko Junmai Ginjo

Eiko Kuramotono Umeshu

Gozenshu 9 Yuzusake

Sake Matsuri bottles

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