Sake to eat with Tuna


 Tuna weighing 199kg from Kindai corporation (derived from Kinki university) in Goto Leto islands south of Nagasaki. This tuna is 100% sustainable being grown from egg to full term. An additional benefit is it has zero mercury so beneficial for health not only in good cholesterol but also heavy metal free.



Sashimi platter featuring Kindai Tuna in Goto Leto.



The pristine area around the tuna hatchery. The hatcheries are positioned close to oyster farms so that the waste of the tuna can be consumed by the oysters thus helping in the circle of nutrients.



Tsunami’s executive chef Tetsuya Sakamoto surveying the enclosed bays and the tuna pens. Lucky for us he didn’t get seasick.


The massive tuna in their pens. The water is swirling like a boiling cauldron of activity. If you look closely you can see a tiny part of their fins protruding out from the water.


So what sake would you eat with tuna? As it turns out we can recommend a few that will match different parts of the tuna.




The ‘akami’ cut, the lean deep red tuna has a strong flavour and benefits from a stronger sake to match.


Junmai Ginjo Medaka no Yado 300ml

Junmai Ginjo Medaka no Yado 720ml


Taiheizan Chogetsu Junmai Ginjo 300ml


Kojika Benitombo 720ml


Have the Kojika with hot water (60-40). It is from Kagoshima, close to the Goto Leto islands.


GOZENSHU 1859 720ml

Chu toro

This is the ‘medium fatty’ portion of the tuna. Sometimes you can tell it as a piece of tuna with a ‘gradient’ of colour from light pink going to darker red. Many Japanese favour this cut over all else as it has a gentle flavour but is not too fatty.


Hourai Hida Junmai 720ml


Kounotsukasa Ghin Kimoto 720ml


(This would also benefit from heating. This award winning sake from Aichi is also ‘genshu’ which means undiluted. That in addition to being made with the kimoto process would suit this to chu toro tuna).


O- toro


This is the fatty part of the tuna. Very delicious but best had in small portions. This is the ‘big boss’ cut and deserves a ‘big boss’ sake to match.


The senkin sakes will match this eminently as they have a higher acidity than most other sakes and are able to cut through the rich taste.


Modern Senkin Omachi 720ml


Very Limited only 2 bottles left

Senkin Kamosu 720ml


Very Limited only 6 bottles left

Senkin Urara 720ml


Senkin Issei 720ml


On a more gentle tack, if you are looking for a restrained elegant and light flavour we would suggest the (non Junmai) daiginjos. Light perfumed pallet, subtle flavour, these sakes are used in sake championship competitions.


Taiheizan Juhonen Daiginjo 720ml

Taiheizan Juhonen Daiginjo 1.8L

Kounotsukasa Daiginjo Leyasu Nosato 720ml


Kounotsukasa Daiginjo Kanzuijikomi 300ml


Niigata Meijo Koshino Kanchubai Koshitanrei Daiginjo 720ml


We hope you all enjoy our sake the next time you indulge in tuna sashimi. And remember, when you want to buy quality affordable sake in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or any other part of Australia please remember us here at SuperSake.

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