Senkin Sake Australia

Senkin Sake Australia

Senkin Sake range, many coming to Australia


Senkin Sake Shuzo located in Tochigi just north of Japan is one of the most sought after and progressive sake brewers in Japan today. We are excited to have been chosen to distribute their sake in Australia. Recently in Sydney at a trade tasting show held by SuperSake and attended by Sydney Sake illuminati such as Slava Australia's premier sake blogger and many others. 

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It is run by two brothers, one who concentrates on the marketing and running o the company and one who concentrates on the brewing although they both help out in each others jobs.

Meeting Usui san was a momentous occasion as he is quite famous and indeed cuts an imposing figure. But after when you get to know him he is a lovely chap and his passion for sake shows through indeed. It is good to associate with like minded people as we ourselves are passionate about sake and are committed to helping people to buy sake in Australia. 

Usui san of Senkin Sake with Brett, shacho of SuperSake Australia

One thing that distinguishes Senkin's sake from the others is the 'sando' or acidity level. Usui san is a fully licensed sommelier and sought to bring some of the best loved components of wine to Japanese sake making. He says that as the food consumed in japan has changed over the years so has the need for different beverages to match these foods. We believe he is right. His sake has a higher acidity and indeed reminded us of some of Mamiya san of Miyoshikiku sake.

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We congratulate the Usui brothers for what they have contributed to sake. They have taken a brewery that, in their words, was producing terrible tasting cheap sake and going broke, into a successful famous and we assume profitable sake brewery making top class world leading sake.

Scene at Senkin Brewery

If you enjoy buy Japanese sake in Sydney Melbourne Perth or anywhere in Australia and your tastes (and pockets) are given to quality sake then look no further. We will let you know in the future when we get more exciting shuzos and sake from Japan.

If you want to buy Senkin sake for wholesale (i.e. if you have a restaurant, bar or liquor store) please email our wholesale division at for more information. They have a much bigger range including 

Modern Senkin Omachi
Classic Senkin Muku
Modern Senkin Kamenoo
Classic Senkin Kamenoo
Classic Senkin Omachi
Senkin Nature Trois
Senkin Nature Quatre
Classic Senkin Omachi

Please consider.

Senkin sake in Australia

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