Sparkling Sake

Sparkling Sake

Sparkling sake is relatively new to the sake scene. There are a few (not that many) makers but they can be divided into 2 basic groups. 1) Gas injected. 2) Naturally fermented.

1) Gas injected. These tend to be quite sweet and cheap. Think of very early 70's Australian rieslings or Asti Spumante. Breaking the ice, yes, but probably not the best overall. But many people like them and that's ultimately what's important. 

2) Naturally fermented. These are the better of the two. as the name suggests they are naturally fermented in the bottle and are more expensive.

Unfortunately these naturally fermented in the bottle sake often attact a *very* premium price tag. In fact some of them shipped to Australia are the same price as a lower end French champagne.

Here at SuperSake we tried to reach the middle of the extremes. Enter Ichinomia. They make the 'Yukika' sparkling sake which is well priced we thought but still retains a more authentic and classic production technique.

We hope you will enjoy this sake. It's new and as we are trying it out we don't have great quantities. It's fruity and has a light 'nigori' quality without being overly cloudy. We think it's a great way to start a meal.

So don't forget. If you want to buy sparkling sake in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or anywhere in Australia please consider us, SuperSake.

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