Special products just arrived

Special products just arrived from Japan

We're excited here always when a new container arrives in Perth. Apart from being a lot of work we get to taste new sake and contact people who want to buy sake in Perth. Here are some of our top picks. Some of these we consider the best sake in Australia.

Hourai Iroooko (Playboy) Junmai Daiginjo  1.8L

This striking looking bottle is based on a label design from no other than the company's 'Kuramotono' (president). It has been hard to get an isshobin (1.8L bottle) of this. But it's 'dulcet tones' of flavour are enough to charm the coldest of hearts. Hence the name, Irootoko, or 'Playboy'. 

Hourai Mushusei Genshu Junmai 60%

Special sake with hidden meaning

We're not sure what this means. The Japanese people amongst us seem to think it's funny and a bit risque but we're not sure why. But it would definitely make a good present. (In fact sake makes a very good present). We'll let you know more as we figure it out, or if you have any idea please write us.

Gozenshu Bodaimoto Tokubetsu junmai muroka namasake nakatori

Yes, Gozenshu are not shy in making sake with long names. So here goes ... 1) It's from Gozenshu of Okayama, 2) it is made with the ancient bodaimoto method originally used by the monks in ancient Japan, giving it a unique flaour with a slight soue twist to offset any residual sweetness, 3) it's tokubetsu which means basically it's special, not just ordinary sake, 4) muroka - it hasn't ben run through a charcoal filter - all it's original flavour is still there although it won't be clear pristing white (which is OK with us), 5) nama sake - it has not been pasteurised. This we love as we believe the freshness and 'zing' in flavour are worth having to keep it at 5·C or under (which is what we do with our storage and why we can't at this point of time send it to people who want to buy sake in Melbourne and Sydney), 6) Nakatori. This we haven't found out about yet. But we will soon.
(Unfortunately we don't have a photo for this yet). 

Yes, we will post more photos and sake as we unearth them from the container. Just remember, if you want to buy sake in Sydney Melbourne Perth Adelaide Brisbane or anywhere in Australia please come to us. We'd love to send you our sake. 



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