Spring time is near

Spring is just around the corner.
Check out our sake recommendations for the spring season below.

Eikoh Nigori Kurazake
As suggested by the name, Eikoh Nigori Kurazake is a nigori sake, which means that it was pressed through a coarse mesh to leave some rice bits in the drink. These rice particles create the creaminess and a mouthful texture. Kurazake is a relatively sweet sake as most of nigori with a bit of caramel, plum and some honey notes in the taste.

The “junmai” but in the name means that the sake is made purely from only rice, water and yeast. It adds a bit more savouriness and umami to the taste of the sake making it easier to pair with various foods.

Senkin Ume Jiru
We have a limited amount ( 7 bottles ) of this famous sake house. Known mostly for their award winning sake they also make a limited amount of umeshu. Enjoy this in the spring.

Taiheizan Momoshu (New)

Although the white peach is found in a few areas in Japan one of the nicest places they make it is in Akita. This special peach sake is sweeter than most. You can enjoy in a small wine glass with ice cubes or have in a tall glass with ice and soda water. As it is not as strong as yuzu we advise a 50-50 ration of soda/mineral water and ice.

Niida Honke Odayaka Junmai Ginjo Omachi (Limited)
A special seasonal release from the kings of natural sake Niida Honke. Made with one of the best sake rice available, Omachi. Enjoy this with fresh spring vegetables or a salad. Perfectly suits vegan dishes.

Senkin Urara ( Very limited stock)
Nothing to do with spring. This is a premium sake for when you want to spoil yourself. Or give a gift to the person who seemingly has everything.

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