SuperSake Black Friday Specials

The Black Friday sales have begun!
Our most value sakes are on sale.
Only 48 hours. Ends at midnight AEST on Saturday 26/11/22

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of Black Friday Specials

Some of the deals we're offering
35% off Masumi Suzumi
Suzumi Sake is the liquid image of the cool breeze that refreshes the wildflowers of Masumi‚ highland home each summer. It is brewed with rarely used white koji to create a bright citric acidity that pairs perfectly with the summer menu.
30% off Imada White Koji Junmai
Fukucho Seafood Blue White koji Junmai. Specifically made to match seafood. This is quite similar to the very popular Seaside Sparkling Sake. But it has no secondary fermentation. It can express a fresh and light profile with
lemony notes.
Imada White Koji Junmai "Seafood Blue" 720ml

25% off Miyoshikiku Yamahai
As this product is 'nama' (unpasteurised) it is only available for pickup at SuperSake's store in Perth (18 Glyde street Mosman Park).

We can not post this.

It is a cage version of Gohyakumangoku prepared by Yamaseki. Yamaseki is prepared by Miyoshikiku's female Mori and Ikuko Utaka, and the complex taste due to the cage and the fresh taste of raw sake are sold. Masu

Miyoshikiku Yamahai gohyakumangoku Ori-MAX 720ml

10% off Kinmon Daiginjo 2004 18YO Koshu
Daiginjo 2004 18YO Koshu.

Kinmon Daiginjo 2004 18YO Koshu 720ml

10% off Kinmon Platinum Yamabuki­
A blend of 10-year-old sake and 20-year-old sake.­

Kinmon Platinum Yamabuki 720ml

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