SuperSake festival in Perth

Sake and Japanese Craft Beer festival 

On December 9 & 10 there will be a sake festival in Perth, held on the premises of Tsunami in Mosman Park. It will run on Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5pm. 

For those who want to buy sake and Japanese beer in Perth it is a positive boon. You can taste sake and Japanese craft beer as well as umeshu (plum wine), shochu and Japanese fruit liqueur. There will be approximately 50 different sake, umeshu, shochu and Japanese beer. Tasting will be governed by the buying of wristbands of 10 taste 'tabs' and these will cost the princely sum of $15. 

For those who do not want to imbibe it will also be a place to taste Japanese 'street food' from $5. There will be a wide variety with the menu being planned currently. One food on the menu is teriyaki chicken 'Bao'. Also usually present are okonomiyaki 'sticks' and usually yakitori. 

For those who are interested in learn more about sake and sake terms like 'nihonshudo' or SMV ( sake meter value  - a way of gaging 'dryness' of sake), Sando, etc. it is a good time to ask experienced staffers. We hope to get Tika Vujovic and Brett Carboni from the SuperSake team to attend. They can answer most of your questions.


Being on the Fremantle line and about 100m from the Mosman Park train station it is a very convenient, safe and responsible way to get to the Ske Festival, ie by train.

Also being on the 'Perth Bus Ring Route' it provides easy access to the sake festival. Buses are regular and frequent. 

Of course there is always Uber. This can be handy if you want to both taste and then buy sake at the festival. In fact if you want to buy sake in Perth (or Melbourne or Sydney or Brisbane for that matter) this is a great opportunity.

Free Entry

To encourage family members to have a 'driver' who will abstain from tasting sake but be able to provide transport, we have made free entry for everyone. It's only if you want to taste sake that you have to pay. 

Lots of different types of liquors

There are not only sake available at the festival. In fact 'sake' refers to a wide range of alcoholic beverages. Sake as we know it is generally called 'nihonshu'. At the festival there will also be a wide range of other things to taste and take home. If you want to buy plum wine, umeshu, yuzu shu, shochu or Japanese craft beer here is your opportunity.

Please come

We hope to see you there. It's also a day of bargains. Sake bargains are to be had on these days. 

Please come.

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