Sushi and sake pairing video

Sushi and sake pairing video

Steaming rice for sake

We found this great video on pairing sushi, in particular 'shiromi' (white fish) sushi with sake. Although it's Hakkaisan, not one of our sake, the same 2 sakes would be represented by ou Imada sake, perhaps the Hattanso or Biho, and for the aged sake, our Yamabuki Gold from Kinmon.

Sake has about one third the acid of wine soi  is easier to match with food as you'll see from the video.

Watch the video

Koshu has a thicker texture and stronger flavour so this would go with a stronger flavoured fish. Watch the video.

So if you are wanting to have a special dinner that matches sushi and sake please consider us. If you want to buy sake in Sydney or Melbourne we have a large range of attractively priced sake.

Domo arigato.

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