Sydney Sake festival

We participated in the inaugural Australian Sake Festival in Sydney on the 28th of October. There were many other companies exhibiting and the event was sold out a week beforehand.

The sake team from SuperSake

 It lasted all day until about 5:30pm. We showed around 12 different nihonshu (umeshu and yuzushu were not included) and the most popular was the 'Nihonshu Not Dead' by Miyoshikiku, although a lot of the red rice sake from Kinmon "X3 Rose" was sold. Glad we took extra.

Selling sake at the show

I'd like to thank our crew for the great job they did. They were very professional and knew their stuff. I would love to work with them again. 

In fact if you want to buy sake in Sydney this is a great way to do it. You pay $60 for all the tastings you want and then buy sake at the end. Taste drink and buy sake. Sydney has a lot going for it in this respect.

Will there be another show next year? Absolutely. We'd like to attend again. It was worth the flight over. Look forward to it.

Next year?

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