’The sake of Tochigi”

About one hour north from Tokyo by bullet train, Tochigi is known for good gyoza and wild monkey sightings—a lesser known fact is that several notable water streams in this landlocked prefecture provide for beautiful sake to be made. Tochigi is known as one of those prefectures where all the sake they make is drunk locally. They all honor traditional brewing skills while looking into the future, and have created their own distinct styles. Now, many sake which are notable in Japan also make it overseas.

Tentaka Brewing Company

Tentaka is located in a nature-rich city, Ohtawara, Tochigi Prefecture. Through the year, the area is blessed with sunny weather, and the warm summer and the ideal coldness in the winter are suitable for sake brewing. Organic Nihonshu, “Tentaka”, is made from only rice and rice koji. All rice used for the [Organic] sake is “organic rice” and grown based on Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS). Not only do we take rice farming seriously to provide high-quality tasty sake, but also we, as a brewery coexisting with the community, work with partner farmers to grow rice with the least influence on the natural environment.   We sincerely think, “What can we do to satisfy customers?” and have continued making products that only we, a sake brewery, can do.

Limited Stock
Tentaka Organic Junmai 720ml

Tentaka Organic Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Senkin Brewing Company

This wildly popular brand captures audiences with their bright, juicy flavor profile and stunning, traditional wooden fermentation tanks.
Senkin’s bold redefinition of nihonshu is one of the great success stories of Japan’s sake renaissance. But the brewery has not rested on its laurels. For one thing, the Usui brothers are determined to enhance the quality of their flagship product. This means scrupulously controlling each stage of the process, including filtration and pasteurization, to prevent any random or accidental production of acids and other compounds. Usui is after a “pure, clear, sparkling” acidity with a refined texture. “I’m focusing on mouthfeel as well as flavor and aroma in order to further elevate the quality of this sake,” says Usui.

Senkin Classic Kame no O 720ml

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Senkin Classic Muku 720ml

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Senkin Issei 720ml

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