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This week we feature the koshu (aged) sakes & umeshu of Kinmon and Gozenshu.



Located near the top of Japan’s Honshu island Kosyu Kinmon shuzo lies inland from the ocean in the town of Daiisen. If you ever want to visit it is the last stop on the shinkansen before you arrive at Akita city.

Sasaki san, known in the region as ‘king of koshu’ is a bit of an expert when it comes to koshu, aging both his sakes and umeshu.



The Kinmon Shizuku Gold Special Aged Plum Wine is aged for 12 years and uses 100% Nanko plums produced in Minabe town in Kishu area. The Eternal plum sake Shizuku PREMIUM: using Yamabuki 1995, one of the world's best aged sake.



The Yamabuki Gold is aged 12 years and is a nice entry level sake for trying koshu. The other two koshu are fortified and are more like a whisky. They are better sampled, neat, in a large whisky glass to savour the aromas. The 20 year old is quite magnificent and in limited quantities.



We have been storing the Gozenshu Sumiya Yahei 2014 for some time now and believe it is about ready. A totally different koshu to Kinmon it’s flavour is much more light and restrained. It comes from the south of Japan in Okayama so we at SuperSake have been storing it in our refrigerated container for some years now and feel ready to pass it on to others. (Limited).





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