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We have always admired Masumi sake. And now we have the great privilege and honour to bring in a small amount of their nihonshu. In 1946, Masumi swept the top awards at the regional and national sake appraisals, which got the attention of the brewing institute’s yeast scientist, Dr. Shoichi Yamada. Dr. Yamada visited the brewery and confirmed the presence of a very fine yeast in the fermentation vats. Masumi’s yeast was named “Brewing Association Yeast Number Seven”, and it soon became the favourite of brewers across the nation. Even today, number seven is the most widely used sake yeast in the world.

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Masumi AKA red 真朱 Junmai Ginjo 300ml

Interested to learn more about Masumi AKA red Junmai ?
Check out the video below, it provides a great overview about the product.


Named for its unique to the range 'straw' colour, as opposed to its 2 older brothers X3 Rose and X3 Pink, made with 3 separate applications of koji rice (most sake usually has one) makes for a fruity but firm taste. From Daisen in Akita. Made with secret koji type gives this a unique flavour.

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Kinmon X3 'Straw' Junmai  720ml


Dry style sake made by Akita Kimoto method. Old school dry and umami rich with balanced acidity. Great sake for cold weather.
 Warm to Atsukan level (50°C).

Taiheizan Kimoto Junmai Karakuchi (Dry) 720ml

What are the different heating levels ?

A realistic priced Junmai Daiginjo.

The nose on this new offering from an old famous brewery is an interesting collection of melon, apple, banana, citrus, and floral aromas. It is a fun, lively, bright Junmai Daiginjo that is crisp overall but drinks with some weight to the fluid. Spritzy, chippy, lively, and a little tingly this is one of those sakes that screams, “I am alive and I am fun!” Call it a nice attitude brew that has dried cranberries, tangerine, and crisp apple flavours that excel in a white wine glass. It is a happy brew that is great for those new to sake and a wonder to behold for those who know the run of the lot Yamadanishiki sake milled to 50%.

Taiheizan Tenko 50 Junmai Daiginjo 720ml


What is nigori sake ?

The kanji for Nigori sake is 濁り酒 and it translates to “Cloudy Sake”. It can also be known as unfiltered sake. Nigori sake are processed through separation by pressing through a coarse cloth, retaining some residue, which in the end will affect the balance of the taste and flavour. The residues are in fact unfermented rice grains. Nigori sake is usually smooth and sweet, and creamy in texture. Remember to gently shake the Nigori sake, mixing the sediments, enjoying it in its full flavour!

Eikoh Nigori Kurazake 300ml

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