Time to meet the big boys!

Japanese sake bottles fall roughly into 2 camps. 720ml and 1.8L (called ‘isshobin’). Unlike wine where a magnum is usually proportionately more expensive than a normal bottle, for sake it is cheaper to buy an isshobin.
The rough rule of thumb is double the price, and 2.5 times the sake. Good deal huh? We think so.

But there are problems. They are harder to store, not fitting in every fridge. But usually people can squeeze one in somewhere, and if it’s a Junmai then maybe room temperature is OK and you can cool part of it that you intend to drink.

Here at SuperSake we have some great isshobin offerings. Have a look at these.

Hourai Hida no Tanbo Junmai 1.8L  $62.10
Our most popular sake. Really good taste at a great price. What’s not to like.

Gozenshu Junmai Mimasaka 1.8L  $79.00
Made with one of the best sake rices available, Omachi. Unique flavour, good both hot and cold, a real session sake. Quite dry.

Echigoya Sobe Junmai 1.8L  $55.00
Light dry style from Niigata. Nice heated. Great value.

Hourai Hatsugumi Junmai Ginjo  1.8L  $74.00
The pick of the tank from the Toji (brewer). Fruity yet thick and lustrous. 40% polished. Great value for the quality.

Hourai Kaden Tezakurri Junmai Ginjo  $73.80
Light and fruity, geat for sushi and sashimi.

Hourai Iroooko Junmai Daiginjo 1.8L   $129.00
Top quality, beautiful label, great taste, the large form factor – it would make a great gift. Or not. Drink it yourself.





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