Tsurimi’s Daiginjo Gazan won the Gold & People’s choice award at the Australian Sake Association 2022 Awards held in Sydney. SuperSake is honoured to represent these award winning Sake's. The video below is an overview of the Australian Sake Association 2022 Awards.

History of Tsurumi Sake Brewery

Founded 1873 Sake brewing that inherits and evolves the tradition of Tsushima Founding 1873 Sake brewing that inherits the tradition of Tsushima and evolves.
In 1873, the first Sadazo, who was in the dyeing industry, started the sake brewing industry, which is the beginning of the history of Tsurumi Sake Brewery.

Inheriting the traditional manufacturing method handed down in the Tsushima region, while preserving the goodness of handmade manufacturing By skillfully harmonizing with modern quality control, we are working to develop better sake with richness that fully utilizes the taste of rice in sake.

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