Valentine's Day Sake.

                            A sake for love?  Can such a sake be made?

The shuzo of Hourai, Watanabe shuzo thought so. After many nights of research in hostess bars all over Gifu they came up with a taste, ‘dulcet tones’ they told us, that would appeal to a lady who up until then would not have wanted to drink sake.

They figured she would have a taste, like it and want some more, and then be more in the mood for amerous activities. We’re not sure if it works but we can attest that we love the taste. It’s not overly sweet, has almost a honey taste. And being Junmai Daiginjo grade and using the stand out rice ‘Yamadanishiki’ it certainly has the right credentials.

It’s available in two sizes. A normal 720ml bottle or the new little ‘minis’ (180ml) if
you want to tack something nice onto your order.


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