Vegan & Organic

Vegan & Organic

This week we would like to introduce to you Noda Miso company. In our travels in Japan we occasionally come across a product that is so good that we feel compelled to buy some for our own use and for our restaurant partner. This week we’d like to share it with you. If you want to see more on this wonderful company that makes miso in 150 year old barrels over 1 1/2 years (rather than months in stainless steel tanks) click on the link below.

Noda Miso (Masuzuka Miso) Kura Tour in English subtitle

This week we are including a bonus pack of organic instant aka miso soup from Noda Miso. (4 servings per pack).

If you buy any of the sakes below

One of the rare few vegan and the only triple certified organic plum wine. Vegan certification obtained in February 2020. Be both kind and safe.

Tentaka Shuzo, Co., Ltd is certified as an organic brewery by Japan, the United States, and European Union. It is one of only 4 in Japan.

Tentaka Honkaku Umeshu (Vegan & certified organic) 720ml

Niida-Honke Brewery unique in creating sustainable organic sake, ‚ Shizenshu,‚ using only organic rice, natural yeast starter, no sediment removers, and natural spring water from land they own.
Niida Honke Kinpo Odayaka Junmai Ginjo (Green Frog) 720ml

Niida-Honke Brewery 1711 creates sustainable organic sake using materials 7 locally sourced ingredients. Smooth and sweet, Kijoshu sake is a luxurious sake, in the final stage is brewed with sake from the previous year instead of water. Suitable for ageing in controlled environments.

Niida Honke Kijoshu 2021 720ml­

Full flavoured naturally fermented sparkling sake designed to go with oysters from Japan's best oyster region (Hiroshima). No CO2 injection used.
Very popular.
Imada Fukucho 'Seaside Sparkling' Junmai 300ml

Using one of the most famous rice varietals in Japan, the, Akita Sake Komachi‚ it has a medium high rice polishing rate of 55%. This would suit those who are looking for a dry style. SMV = +2. Try it after drinking its 2 brothers ‚Peaceful mountain, Blue & Red‚ to compare.
Taiheizan Peaceful Mountain Black 720ml

A Tokubetsu ('special') Junmai has a wonderful creamy texture on the tongue. It's taste is dry and earthy, with notes of dried tangerine peels
and cloves.

Yamada Shoten Mukashi No Manma Tokubetsu Junmai 900ml

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