We thought you should know about this!

A special series of sake has just been released & we thought you should know about it!


Watanabe Shuzo, creator of the sake brand Hourai has gone upmarket and released The ‘W’ Line. The line features 3 different sakes, each with their own flavour profiles.


You may remember the name from the legendary ‘Hida No Tambo’ and ‘Irootoko’ (Playboy).


For those on the hunt for a clean, restrained and elegant taste, opt for the ‘W’ Yamadanishiki. Made with arguably the ebst rice in Japan for making sake. This one will not disappoint.

For those who are after a more mild, earthy, easy to drink sake there is the Gouriki variant. Polished to the same 50% rate. This is also great to drink.

For anyone looking for a round, fruity, umami filled, big impact rice then go for the Hida Homare variant. Like the people of Hida of which it resembles, it will not disappoint.


Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday!



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