What is Namazake ?

Nama () means "raw" or "fresh" in Japanese, and it refers to "unpasteurized" Sake. The more precise term is ‘nama nama’ which means definitely nama (as opposed to ‘nama chozo’ which is one time pasteurised.   The majority of Sake we drink today has been pasteurised twice during the brewing process. This is called ‘hiire’.
Sake breweries pasteurise Sake to eliminate any germs that may be present, as well as to kill enzymes that speed up the ageing process; in summary, pasteurisation is a way of stabilising Sake. Sake without pasteurisation can easily lose its flavour and aroma if kept at room temperature; the best place to store your Namazake is in the refrigerator.

Unpasteurized Sake should be drunk as soon as possible; store it in the fridge at all times; it can survive up to 6 months if unopened and 1 week if opened (although there are many opinions against this – it’s complicated).

Ordering Nama on our store

As these products are 'Nama' (unpasteurized), it must be sent by Express post.
If you spend more than $150 on your order, you will receive standard free shipping.
It does not include express shipping; you must pay for express shipping at the time of purchase. We advise ordering so it can be posted on a Monday or Tuesday.

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