Where to buy sake in Perth

Where to buy sake in Perth.

So you're in Perth, you've been skiing in Nisekko and you tasted really delicious sake and now you want to buy sake in Perth but you don't know where to go. In this blog we will restrict ourselves to buying sake to take and drink at home. Not at restaurants.

Well, you could buy here, on-line. We sell sake from Perth to all over Australia. We sell online most of our sake to Sydney but a lot to Melbourne and Brisbane too. 

Buy sake online in Perth

But for the sake of this exercise let's say you want to buy sake from a retail store in Perth. And when we sake sake we also mean also plum wine, shochu, yuzushu, Japanese craft Gin and others.


The Cellarbrations chain of stores is popular and if you go to Cottesloe, Myaree, Carlisle, Yokine or their 'SuperStore.'

Boatshed markets in Cottesloe has a new wine loft and it also stocks sake. (There is a lot of gourmet food in this place, it's amazing). La Vigna on the other side of town has a good sake selection. Lion Oriental in the city has not only asian foods but sake too.

Where to buy sake in Perth

Liquor barons Mount Hawthorn have sake and so does the 'WIne Thief' in West Leederville. (They have nama sake (namazake) there reportedly, which tastes delicious). Tsunami restaurant has a big range with the added advantage of being able to taste many before you buy. It has a tavern license so you can go just for a drink. You don't have to buy a meal. 

And the Re Store in Leederville on Oxford St has a sake range although it's a bit hidden at the end but if you ask Moreno or Nick they will show you to it and offer some suggestions. 

Fortunately the list of stores where to buy sake in perth is growing by the day but we  hope this small selection of stores will keep you going for now.

Sake for sale at the Re Store in Leederville

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