Which sake is the best ?

Good question. Cold sake tends to be better as hot sake is often heated to mask imperfections in the sake but to say that all warm sake is bad would not be true.

Many people like 'nama' sake which is sake that has not been pasteurised and is quite zesty in taste but needs to be kept under 10°C for it to survive.

Which sake is best

 Gozenshu Cry Baby - a good example of nama sake

Sometimes expensive sake can be a good indication. Whilst Dassai sake used to be popular it has been eclipsed by more famous sake such as Kaysuyama and Aramasa, not to mention the up and coming Senkin and Niida Honke being amongst the leaders in organic sake and also the new MI (minimal intervention) or 'natural sake'. These sake are exceptional in taste.

When people ask " Which sake is the best? "they are also thinking " What is the best sake to buy as a gift? " Then packaging, label design, sake box style, ( is it a wooden traditional sake box, a normal cardboard box or no box at all?"

flavoured sake

Flavoured sake

Famous sake

Kubota, Hakkaisan, Dassai, Nanbu Bijin, Jyuyondai, Imada ( Fukuxho ) to name a few. Are these good sake to buy? Are these sake the best? 

A similarly good question would be, "Is Penfolds / Amberly Chenin / Houghtons White Bugundy the best wine?" It could well be if you like these! But it may not be. There are many other outstanding wines now. Thousand candles, Larry Cherubino, Nick O'Leary, Chris Ringland Dry Grown Shiraz, Grosset Polish Hill Riesling to name a few. It depends on what style you like and how much you want to pay.

Here at SuperSake we have strived to find the best sake at the best price and that will be different for all people hence the difference in our range.

For those who are looking for a pure organic sake at a reasonable price we have the Tentaka range. If you are prepared to pay more then the Senkin or soon to come Niida Honke. 

Manga sake

For those looking for a progressive style with intelligence of design then the Gozenshu range with its adhereance to bodaimoto principlas is a good choice.

Wanting a bargain price sake with great taste? That would be the Hourai or Niigata Meijo sake. From Gifu and Niigata. Great hot or cold sake.

Want a gracious and traditional sake? Taiheizan from Akita or Koshigoi from Chiba or Kounotsukasa from Aichi will serve you well. 

There is a lot more we could say but we had better leave something for the future.

Please enjoy your sake and don't forget. If you want to buy sake in Melbourne Sydney Canberra Perth Adelaide Darwin Hobart or Newcastle then please choose us here at SuperSake. 


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