Whisky, Plum Wine & Daiginjo Sake

 Yamazakura Whisky

Sasanokawa is the oldest sake brewery in Japan's northeastern Tohoku region, with a history stretching back to 1765. Around 180 years later, in 1946, they branched out into whiskey, eventually launching the Yamazakura brands.
Nose: The nose first treated us to a selection of desserts. Apple and cherry crumble drizzled with caramel sauce and creme anglaise, banoffee pie. Yes, for those uninitiated, that’s banana and toffee 
Palate: On the palate, we got an array of flavours that told of a combination of cask types. There was a definite sherry note that came across with dried cherries, alongside a thick creamy vanilla and macadamia nuts. 
Finish: here is a soft peat that swells towards the finish and then lingers with a beautiful serenity. Well crafted and well balanced. Light but powerful, like someone turned the gravity down and everything just weighs less.

Yamazakura Pure Malt 700ml

 Kinmon Shizuku Silver 10 Year Old Aged Umeshu Plum Wine

Using  Nanko plums in Kishu region (mainly Wakayama prefecture), Nanko plums are particularly rich in amino acid and sufficiently rich in sugar. They are special in the sense that sourness and sweetness are both high and well balanced. They match perfectly with aged sake matured over 10 years resulting in a rich yet smooth taste.

Sasaki san has been making these products (together with his extremely popular X3 Rose Sake) for many years.

Kinmon Shizuku Silver Aged Umeshu Plum Wine ( 10 year old) 720ml

Daiginjo Sake (non Junmai)

The Daiginjo category has the same milling standards of 50% removal and 50% remaining but sake makers add a little “brewer’s alcohol” to lighten the brew and bring out more aromatics and softer textures. When sake maker’s send their brews to National Sake Appraisals and Competitions they usually send their Daiginjo sake. They are the ultimate Competition sakes that just jump out of the glass. Always served chilled they pair well with shellfish, sushi, sashimi, and elegant cocktail passing fare.

Kounotsukasa Daiginjo Leyasu Nosato 720ml
Niigata Meijo Koshino Kanchubai Koshitanrei Daiginjo 720ml
Koshigoi Daiginjo 720ml

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