Yamaguchi Beer

Our new shipment of Yamaguchi Beer has arrived!

The latest new beer from Yamaguchi Beer Company is brewed using home grown Japanese hops, half from yamaguchi and half from the northern Honshu island prefecture of Iwate.

Speaking of Yamaguchi beers, we also have back in stock everyone’s favourites from last year. The Yamaguchi Pale Ale, Weizen, Pilsner and Yuzu beer. The Pils is not your typical light pilsner and has a pronounced flavour. And the Yuzu beer is great for quenching your thirst on a hot afternoon.

Yamaguchi beers are made in the countryside of Yamaguchi at the base of Honshu island. They get their water from underground filtered water that is sourced from a perennial waterfall. It takes many years to filter down through the rock. The resultant water is one of the keys of the refreshing clean taste of their beers.

Treat Yourself to a Yamaguchi Beer Sampler 6 Pack

Includes 1x Yamaguchi Pilsner, 1x Weizen, 1x Pale Ale, 1x Yuzu, 1x Pure Malt & 1x IPA.


Link: https://www.supersake.com.au/products/yamaguchi-beer-sampler-pack


Want to check out the Beers Individually ?

Link: https://www.supersake.com.au/collections/beer




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