Yamahai Sake

Yamahai Sake
Yamahai is a yeast starter method that was developed after Kimoto, but before Sokujo. Yamahai allows for natural lactic acid production, but does away with the need for the labor intensive pounding of the yeast starter using long wooden poles as done for centuries in the kimoto method. Yamahai flavour profiles tend to be full bodied and funky.

Masumi AKA red 真朱 Junmai Ginjo 300ml

AKA (Red) is bright on the surface yet deep, brewed as a yamahai for complexity, with subtle fruit and dairy aromas and a refreshing acidity underpinned by savory umami.


AKA, named for the vermillion colour of official stamps used throughout Asia, is typical of the yamahai style in that it brings the flavour of rich food into sharp relief, and it pairs exceptionally well with meat and cheese.


Short video explaining Aka (in English)



Very limited only 2 bottles left

Kounotsukasa Ghin Yamahai 720ml

Kounotuskasa has been loved since a long time ago by the local people and Gin is our new challenge. All sake is made of Yamadanishiki rice and Kanzui water.

Rest room for sake brewers during the hight of season.

Kazuno Shibata of Kounotsukasa with Kenta, our ‘man on the ground’ in Aichi.

Niigata Meijo chojazakari Yamahai Junmai 720ml

Using Niigata ken rice this has a strong gamey flavour and is attractively priced.

Rice fields of Niigata



Miyoshikiku Yamahai gohyakumangoku Ori-MAX

 Please note this is nama. It must be ordered express post which is charged even if your order is over $150.

Miyoshikiku Yamahai gohyakumangoku Ori-MAX 720ml

A distinctive alternative style by maverick sake brewer Mamiya san. One of his famous sayings which he told us was simply 2 words. “No rules”. A non conformist and anarchist he is and it comes through in his sake. Whatever you say about this sake it is probably different to most sake you have had before. A sake for the subculture of inner city Tokyo nightlife.

Miyoshikiku Shuzō Brewery





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