Your Yamaguchi Favourites are back!

Friday beers anyone?

This week we thought we'd switch things up as we know we have some real Yamaguchi fans out there. Yamaguchi Beer Company make their beer with pure water from the extreme south of Japan's Honshu Island, something the company is very proud to say.


Yamaguchi Yamadanishiki Beer

The latest beer from Yamaguchi, is a unique craft brew combining malt, hops and 100% Yamadanishiki rice (the best rice for making sake ) . It has a superior 'kinpaku' and it makes for a cleaner fermentation process, whilst it's mainly used for sake it is occasionally used for making beer. We consider it light, fruity & highly recommended! Purchase one now via the link above for just $11.99.


Speaking of Yamaguchi Beers, everyone's favourites from last year are back in stock! You can purchase Pale Ale, Weizen, Pilsner and Yuzu Beer now. The pilsner is not your typical light pilsner, as it has a pronounced flavour and the Yuzu Beer is great for quenching your thirst on a hot afternoon.


Some terms to learn...

Kinpaku: The centre starch of the rice which is revealed when polished

Yuzu: A citrus fruit and plant in the family Rutaceae. It is believed to have originated in central China as a hybrid of mandarin orange and the ichang papeda.


Please enjoy.



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