Eikoh Yuzu Zanmai 720mL

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Ehime is famous for its yuzu and mina fruit, being one of the sunniest parts of Japan. This handmade yuzushu is intensely flavourful with the real fruit aromatics of yuzu citrus. Enjoy this yuzushu as a refreshing after dinner drink or, mix it up in a cocktail. Also great with a small amount in a high ball and fill with soda water.

This large 720ml bottle will make lots of highballs for great refreshing drinks on your porch on a hot afternoon after work.


The Specs

Brewery: Eikoh Brewery Co.,Ltd
Brand: Eikoh

Region: Ehime
Classification: Yuzushu
Item Code: EIK07
%ALC/VOL: 8%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 4.5
Serving Temperature Tip: Cold - with ice/soda or mix

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