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Gonzenshu 9 Regular 500mL

Gonzenshu 9 Regular 500mL

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Paying respect to the old yet with a modern twist, '9 Regular' is made from Omachi rice coupled with ancient 'Bodaimoto' brewing method that counts on native lactic acid bacteria during its fermentation process.

This is a rustic, raw and earthy sake with malt and cereal on the nose. The flavours are smoothly presented, well-balanced, rich and deep.

Its clean and crisp when cold. When warmed up it has sweeter caramel notes.

The sake goes well with both Japanese and western dishes.

The Specs
Brewery: Tsuji Co.,Ltd.
Brand: Gozenshu
Region: Okayama
Classification: Junmai
Item Code: GZNS-26
%ALC/VOL: 15.5%
Net Volume: 500ml
Standard Drinks: 6.1
Rice: Omachi
Rice Polishing Rate: 65%
SMV: +5
Serving Temperature Tip: Chilled & warm
Sweet - Dry

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