Miyoshikiku Cup No.8 "Omachi Origarami" 180mL unpasteurised - Perth Pickup Only

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This product is unpasteurised and needs to be picked up from Perth store. Please do not order if you are in Melbourne, Sydney or other parts of Australia.

Junmai Ginjo sake using new Tokushima yeast "LED Yume Yeast." In spite of its pretty high SMV of +8, this sake is smooth and easy drinking with Origarami flavour.




The Specs

Brewery: Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd
Brand: Miyoshikiku
Region: Tokushima
Classification: Junmai Ginjo, Origarami, Muroka, Nama, Genshu
Item Code: MIK-17
%ALC/VOL: 17%
Net Volume: 180mL
Standard Drinks: 2.4
Rice: Okayama Omachi
Rice Polishing Rate: 60%
SMV: +8
Serving Temperature Tip: Best cold, room temp OK.



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