Imada Genkei Yamadanishiki Nama 720ml - Perth Store Pickup Only (We can not post this)


As this product is 'nama' (unpasteurised) it is only available for pickup at SuperSake's store in Perth (18 Glyde street Mosman Park).

We can not post this. As of November 2023 Australia Post does not allow express shipping on sake. Therefore all ’nama’ (unpasteurized) sakes are ‘pickup at our Perth store’ (Glyde St Mosman Park) only. We regret this but it is out of our control. The decision was Australia Post, not ours.

Imada Genkei and Henpei. These exciting sake varieties are from Miho Imada who was included in the BBC’s list of the world’s most influential women of 2020. She is a dear friend of SuperSake (and a really lovely nice person). There are 4 different types but here is a word from one of the brewers (Andy Russell) describing one of the varieties.

“Fukucho Genkei Yamada-Nishiki: This is part of a new series that utilises revolutionary rice polishing technology developed at Hiroshima based Satake, the world’s leading manufacturer of rice polishing equipment. Specifically, Henpei is a flat-polishing technique first developed several years ago that relied on reconfigured machinery to remove more of the unwanted proteins when compared to the conventional method. Satake, however, has created bespoke machinery specifically intended for the purpose that has considerably lowered the time and cost involved. It is said that rice polished to 60% by the Henpei method has roughly the same protein content as rice polished as high as 40% by the conventional method.

Using Yamada-Nishiki with this new method of polishing has produced a full-flavoured sake that is the hallmark of Japan’s most popular brewing rice. In comparison to its Genkei sibling, Henpei has slightly more pronounced aromas, with a touch more richness coming to the fold. We recommend pairing this sake with cream or butter based dishes, and even barbecue.”

The Specs

Description: SAKE
Capacity: 720ml
Item code: IM-19
Alcohol Percentage; 15%
Standard drinks: 8.5 std drinks
Place of Production: Hiroshima, Japan
Recommended temp: Cold

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